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Wireless and Mobile Application Solutions

Unigate's leverages on its vast experience to help businesses achieve these bottom lines by delivering superior quality, cost-effective and practical mobile solutions for everyday use across various platforms like Mobile Smart Phones, Palm OS, Pocket PCs, Symbian OS, Brew and iPhone.

Solutions for the Mobile Internet:

  • Mobile enabling your business: Unigate's helps businesses to mobile enable their core services. Up-to-date information on services such as travel facilities, hotels, and airlines are some of the most sought after ones, by people on the move. To be able to provide your customers with valuable information while they are on the go, would make it very convenient for them to access & retrieve information – which would translate to better business for you.
  • Messaging Solutions – SMS – Reach out to the world: For your business there should be a mechanism which keeps your customers informed about your new services, irrespective of their location. Unigate's provides you with SMS (Short Message Service) integration with your business. There are a number of ways by which you can enable SMS messaging on your applications.
  • M-Commerce Solutions: A huge amount of online transactions are being conducted over the internet using secure connections. There is a need to be able to provide secure financial transactions over the internet using mobile devices. This market is still evolving and the standards are being laid out. Unigate's provides m-commerce solutions by enabling secure transaction over mobile devices by clubbing the transactional services provided by other industry majors, by implementing micro payment solutions.
  • Mobile Entertainment – Games: Unigate's can provide you with online games, online lottery systems coupled with secure payment channel integration from industry majors. These games could be developed in a completely online mode and also as a J2ME based application, which runs on a Java-enabled device.