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Core Values

1.Obsess with Partner Success

Unigate Systems we consider our customers our partners. We exist because of them! Unigate was created by network administrators solving problems at their business, so we are our partner. At the forefront of all that we dream, we do and we create is how it will directly impact their success. Our partner commitment is to always be timely, to respond with integrity, to be friendly and to be a true partner by helping them succeed.

2. Deliver on What You Say

Unigate Systems, we strive to put ideas into action fast. Do not stand still for fear of failure. Those that delay, miss out. We are constantly moving forward, fueled by our passion and love of Unigate Systems to further drive our partners' success. We aim to define the market rather than letting the market define us. In order to do this, we must commit to each other and our partners that we always deliver on what we say we are going to do.

3. Check Your Ego at the Door

We are never satisfied, we are never complacent, and we are never arrogant. We are people from a shared background with roots as small business owners just like the majority of our partner community. We appreciate and value each of our partners, and we never forget the challenges and obstacles that we experienced ourselves to get to where we are today. Unigate Systems, we are here to serve; we are humble.

4. Breathe Innovation

Innovation is where we came from and who we are. Innovation is embedded in our work, our culture, and our DNA. The impossible is in fact possible at Unigate Systems. Never stop seeking new markets, device types, and technology for Unigate automation.

5. Your Voice; Your Company

Each and every individual at Unigate Systems owns a part of Unigate and has the ability to make a difference. That difference could be one support call with a partner or a great idea to improve our software. Stand up! Have a voice, believe that you can make a difference, and you will. Our collective efforts behind a common vision will change the world.

6. Love Your Work, Every Day

Every day we work with a relentless focus, desire, and pursuit of creating the best damn software in the world, period. We spend too much of our lives at work not to have fun while we do it. At Unigate Systems we always strive to make work a good time! After work, we also play with that same passion and intensity. We believe that spending time outside of work with colleagues and customers builds more lasting relationships.