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Camera Raw File Processing

Almost everydigital camera makes use of the raw format or the format in which it stores the clicked images. So, photographs in their most original version, of the highest quality, are stored by the camera in a raw format. The clinching advantage of Raw format is that the images can be stored retaining the maximum amount of details. Keeping in mind the unique needs of our clients, Unigate Systems offers them a host of services which are unheard of by conventional digital processing firms. Conversion of raw formats (.CR2) into formats of your choice or preferences such as JPEG's, TIFF's, PNG's, etc.
Digital Image Processing division has been designed to take care of clients who need their Raw data files from their cameras to be converted into a standardized graphics format such as TIFF, PNG's, JPEG's and other formats for later use on sophisticated graphics editing software. When you need to convert your images from raw formats into standardized formats, get in touch with us at Unigate Systems for a competitive price.